Types of online slots

Casino games are played all over the world. The ever evolving technology has brought casinos to our doorsteps. Virtual casinos across the globe have various versions of casino games. Online casino games are a game of chance, you need to be lucky to win. Some games are skill games, you need to learn them.

Players must look at the legitimacy of a website before they start playing on it. That’s primary and the second thing would be the pay out percentage. The higher the pay out percentage of a casino, the more money you get when you win. ป๊อกเด้ง can give you big money if you decide to play for real money.

Random Number Generator

Online slots are online casino games that are totally random. They are determined by the RNG, the Random Number Generator. This is a mechanism of keeping the game’s randomness and fairness intact no matter what.

Variations of online slots

Online slots come in a number of different versions namely video slots, 3d slots, classic slots, progressive slots etc.

Let us take a look at how each one works in the casino world.

Reel slots or classic slots

Reel slots usually come in three reels or five reels. Players as beginners opt for three reel slots as they are the simplest to play. They get hands on knowledge about the game by playing this. Once they become a little experienced in playing three reel games, they move on to playing more complicated games like the five reel slots. However, players who are now pro also enjoy playing three reel slots just for fun and relaxation.

3d slots

3d slots are the modernised version. They come with 3d graphics and audio. These make the online slots more interactive and fun to play. They are designed with different themes and characters to keep the players entertained.

I slots

I slots are also 3d slots which come with high quality graphics and audio. The additional feature in the I slots allows players to create their own story line. This keeps the players engaged for longer.

Feature slots

Feature slots like the name suggests have extra features that are unlocked by wild cards. They offer extra spins, cashback and bonuses. These kind of slots have a lot to offer to its players and the players play more in anticipation.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpot is an online slot game where the prize money keeps accumulating with every game played till a player actually wins it.

Software based and download based casinos

Casinos can categorically be decided into software based or download based casinos. In software based casinos, the games run on the software and responses are completely automated. However, in download based casinos the responses are not automated. To replicate the traditional land based casino environment, there is a chat feature that allows the players to chat with the expert dealer real time and thus the responses are real time too.

Casinos like these can be really expensive because of the cutting edge technology they use. However , they are double the fun.