The best bonuses in online casinos with low turnover

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What is the most important when it comes to casino bonuses? Beginner players will be sure that their height. At first glance, they are right, because it’s always better to increase your deposit by 3000 Euros than by 300 Euros. This is not exactly the way it looks. It is better to reach for a lower bonus with convenient trading rules than to opt for a high bonus whose rotation is almost a miracle. We have chosen two promotions thanks to which you will get a lot of money to start, in a known casino with excellent marketing  rules .

 Great games, fast payouts and excellent promotions คาสิโนออนไลน์แจกเครดิตฟรี. All you have to do is deposit 200 Euros and this amount will affect your account. This is a great promotion if we consider the trading conditions. To release the bonus money you only need to place a deposit and the bonus received only 12 times. Such excellent rules of this promotion create the possibility of a high profit.

Conditions for withdrawing the bonus from the online casino

It is difficult to find an online casino that will not give its new users welcome bonuses. Their value depends on the operator, but most often the sum of the bonus is about twice the first deposit. But the mere fact of receiving the bonus is not tantamount to the fact that the player has actually been enriched by this amount. Money donated cannot be withdrawn immediately online blackjack, which unfortunately many players are unaware of. The casino will always expect the required turnover and only after fulfilling this condition the bonus amount will be released and it will be possible to transfer it to your personal account. Each casino is obliged to inform its players about the terms of the promotion – regulations should be available on the casino’s website. If the operator does not explain exactly how the player should have his bonus, it is better to opt out of such a promotion, even if it looks very attractive. Of course, using the bonus is not a prerequisite for registering at an online casino, so you can easily opt out of such a promotion. However, when a player is tempted by a bonus, the most important issue will be how to turn it over.

Online Casino

What exactly is this required turnover

Bonus money and deposit money must be placed on the bets several times. Most often, these high value bonuses must be wagered more times than small promotions, and a time condition may also appear – the bonus must be wagered, for example, three times within 30 days of the start of the promotion. If the player wants to unsubscribe from the promotion at some point or fails to complete all the conditions within the required time, the player’s bonus account will automatically be withdrawn plus the winnings that resulted from placing promotional money.