Five Best Ways to Manage Your Poker Account

Play at higher limits than your bankroll

You need to know how strong your bankroll is and whether you can cope with large fluctuations within the limits in which you play. If you play at higher limits, this means there will be better competition, and you will also have to buy with more money, which means that you can finish much faster if things are going badly. It is recommended that you have at least 40 buy-ins in your account for any particular limit; this will help you overcome a series of failures. There is nothing wrong with dropping, say, from $ 1/2 to $ .50 / 1 or even less, it all depends on how strong your account is and whether you feel comfortable playing at this limit.

Playing when you are on the go

Tilt is one of the worst words in poker when a player bows; his decisions are significantly dependent on his emotions. This usually happens if you have suffered a ridiculous blow, regardless of whether you were thrown from the final table with pocket aces or if you lost because of a flash runner in the corridor, stay away from the poker screen when you bend over. A player who is on a slope will play for emotional reasons that he usually does not, raise with marginal hands, try to cheat more banks and, as a rule, play too many hands too aggressively. Playing in an inclined position can be a cause for disaster, and you are almost guaranteed to lose all your money if you are not careful. Take a break and mentally recover before returning to the game, at least you will live to see the next day.

Too much chase

In games with an unlimited amount of money, it is not recommended to pursue every time you see a ladder project or a color project, you must take into account the pot odds and the anticipated odds if you plan to pursue, otherwise you finish recharging before you can report. For example, your head is raised, and you have thrown a draw, your opponent bets more than the bank, in this situation you should not call and chase, most likely you lost your lottery and not enough money. Pot is worth winning. On the other hand, if you make the same draw with four opponents in the pot and are in late position, you must make a half pot-size bet, because if you make your hand, you have the potential to bring down a huge pot. , there is value for you to pursue. Therefore, continue to only when you are in position, and you have the courage to do so.

Playing too many starting hands

You can play too many starting hands before the flop, start stretching just playing premium hands before the flop when you’re new to the table. After you have collected enough battery, you can begin to weaken a little; however, when you sit down for the first time, most people recommend that you only play AA, KK, AK, QQ. Then, when you have accumulated a few chips, slowly put other hands into the game. First add JJ. When you succeed with JJ, add other Pocket pairs and, finally, the appropriate connectors when it really is “Ballin.” In unlimited cash games, you only want to get your money with the best hands, so start squeezing reflow if you lose too much and you begin to see the difference.

In pursuit of their losses

This is probably one of the most important moments. You need to know when to quit smoking, if you have a bad series, every poker online player finally falls victim to a change of luck in the poker world, and you can do nothing about it. People have seen many people in a huge losing streak, and they never walk, they stay and hope that the luck of the cards will change, and they will win again. However, this almost never happens, and, in general, you lose all your money, if you adopt this strategy, you need to know when to go to live and fight another day.

In summary

So, if you’re wondering why you are still bankrupt, go ahead, take some of the tips in this article, and you should better play poker and limit yourself to reload your online bankroll at any time.