Checking the Trustworthy of Poker Online

Online poker

After you play too much poker on the Internet, you will probably start to think if the poker site will give you a fair game. When you think about the true amount of money that they exclude from games, this is really amazing. Each chip on each table only this second (in gambling with low and medium values) will be taken by the room for a commission within 48 hours. Players just keep making deposits. Poker rooms literally earn millions a month. Then you think your customer service will be good.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. They are terrible about their players. This is the case, even considering that this is a highly competitive business. Obviously, the problem is that they just make too much money to worry about. And since money and power are corrupt, it is fair to assume that these enterprises were also corrupt.

It would seem, in many ways. Consider the issue of banned accounts. If the poker company has an idea that you have violated one of the rules, they will probably block your account and take away your entire account. Thus, thousands of online pokerq players lost their accounts, many of which were completely innocent and / or unaware of any gloomy rules that they violated. This is another real risk in online poker. Maybe you can beat other players, but perhaps the poker room takes all the money from your account on a whim and accuses you of fraud.

Online poker

To add insult to injury, poker companies have a long history of paying attention to most minor violations of their rules until they suddenly become suspiciously desirable. That’s when they freeze the accounts of many customers at the same time, take all the money and quickly earn about $ 50,000. Maybe then the leaders need a new fishing boat or something like that. This is especially true for players who use certain types of software or have access to player statistics databases.


Are you starting to understand how these companies work? Dude, they have to build golden brick houses! His insatiable appetite for greater profit, regardless of ethical considerations, is insane. So be careful with these guys. Do not save a lot of dollars in your account. And if you want to use software assistants that may not be authorized, continue. In any case, they can suddenly steal your funds for some crazy reason, so you can also get equipment that will work as best as possible during this time.