Baccarat the card two hand game

Baccarat a card game played mostly in casinos this is a game where it is played by two hands the player and the banker who offers money. The gclub has the option to play baccarat which has three possible outs come the gclub offers these three options like player (player with high score), the banker and the tie.

The gclub has three variants also to play punto banco, chemmy, deux tableaux. The gclub offers tis variants individually

  • In Punto banco the gclub offers in way where each players are forced to move by the cards the players are dealing for an upper hand
  • In chemmy the gclub offers in way where the both players can make their choice of their own.
  • In deux tableaux also the gclub offers the same option of players making their own choice in their own way

The gclub banker always have the winning odds with the lower house edge which is lesser than one percentage.

The gclub offers this game as it has age old tradition in which the better bets and where the player or banker hand wins the odds. As the time gclub games have changes and developing into modern baccarat. In the game gclub cards have point values which like 2 through the 9 cards in each worth face value or suits. In gclub baccarat game the 10, jack, queen and king have one point value each and they are worth value of zero. In gclub baccarat game the aces are worth one point each also the joker is used. In the gclub baccarat game the number of hands are valued much more which are done by sun of the constituent cards which are placed which are equal to the sum of the digits. The highest amount of hand value which is expected in the gclub baccarat game is not more than or equivalent to number nine which is good revenue the players.


In gclub baccarat game neither the player or the banker deals maximum of 8 or 9 in which the first series of the cards are called as natural and the table is asked for the first player consent and rules rather than the banker.

In gclub baccarat the player has initial total of zero to five and only three cards are drawn and if the player has initial of six to seven cars they stand.

In gclub baccarat game the banker draws three cards if the player stood the pat.