All About Sports Betting: The History of Online Betting

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The origin of online sports betting and its history are quite unclear. But one thing to be sure about is that betting is a common form of entertainment back in the ancient times. No matter how much research someone needs to conduct, or in any part of the world to investigate, you can find proofs of a few rudimentary origins of online sports betting.

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Other proofs came from the Paleolithic period, where humans learned to create and invent some tools. To make it simpler, even before, betting predates some written language and complex structured societies.

In the present time, along with the birth of the internet, online betting and casinos were born as well. Today, this industry became a multi-billion dollar firm that able to attract players and bettors from different parts of the world. For others, online better is a profession that gives them stable money, which benefits the players and their families.

Moreover, the inception of online betting is different from being discernible and listed for a few reasons. Curious? Then, continue scrolling down this article to find out.

The Birth of Online Sports Betting

Have a quick search for “online sports betting,” or “online casinos” this kind of phrase will display thousands and even millions of search results in a blink of an eye. But where did it start?

The origin of online betting can be credited to a single event called “Free Trade & Processing Act” in the faraway island of the Caribbean Sea called Antigua and Barbuda. The bill was processed and passed in 1994. It granted the country an authority to give licenses to those businesses who wanted to establish online casinos and online betting; thus, a new industry was created from that era. Who knew that it would grow bigger today?


During this time, a gaming firm called Microgaming was built up. This gaming firm is a software provider that gives the client whatever digital game they wanted to play. According to history, it was Microgaming who developed the first-ever computer program to assist the operation and deployment of the first online casino called the Gaming Club.  

 Moreover, Microgaming is still running steadily up to this date and became a reputable gaming and gambling industry today. After the success of Gaming Club, in 1996, Intercasino was born and was developed by Cryptologic.

Also, the Kahnawake Gaming commission was another famous gaming and gambling firm which was operated by a Native Tribe from Canada. The firm is responsible for giving licenses to different businesses who wanted to create their online casinos.

When online casinos become popular in the 90s, online sports betting was next in line. After creating the first online sports betting websites by Intertops, it quickly gained its popularity. Many sportsbooks also created their version of online sports betting sites including, which later on became more and more popular with bettors.